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Maxillofacial Surgery Procedures List

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants
Maxillofacial Surgery Procedures ListA maxillofacial surgeon offers many specialized services for managing maxillofacial and oral issues. Their treatment aims to correct defects or manage any conditions on your mouth, jaw, and face. The procedures help to ensure your deformities are corrected, you are more beautiful, and healthy. Some of the maxillofacial procedures you should know about include:

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If your wisdom teeth don't erupt properly, they can cause issues such as jaw swelling and pain. Impacted wisdom teeth can make the process of brushing or flossing quite difficult and predispose you to various oral health issues. A maxillofacial surgeon helps to extract wisdom teeth.

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, replacing them with artificial teeth is the best solution to ensure you achieve a great smile. A surgeon inserts metal posts that offer a robust base for the attachment of the synthetic teeth. The artificial teeth inserted are customized to look like your natural teeth.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Another surgery that a maxillofacial surgeon can offer is orthognathic. The surgery helps to correct any misalignment with your jaws and teeth after the procedure, and issues such as difficulty in chewing or speaking are eradicated.

Cleft Palate and Lip Surgery

For those born with defects in their lip and palate, surgery can help restore these parts' appearance and functions. The surgery is mainly performed on infants and children to correct deformities.

Reconstructive Surgery

You might require reconstructive surgery due to many reasons. It can be if your jaws or mouth are damaged after an accident or trauma. The surgery is an aesthetic treatment whose primary aim is to ensure you have a better appearance. You can expect the surgeon to address issues such as loose teeth, misaligned jaws, crooked teeth, nasal reconstruction, and lip enhancement, among others. After the treatment, your oral structures will perform naturally.
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