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What Are The First Signs Of Tongue Cancer?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants
What Are The First Signs Of Tongue Cancer?Tongue cancer is more likely to appear at the base of the tongue or at its main portion. It can be difficult to realize if you have cancer when it is at the base of your tongue. Research has proven that squamous cell carcinoma is the most popular tongue cancer.

How do you know if you have growing tongue cancer? Look at some symptoms noted here to know when you need to start seeing a healthcare provider outside your normal dentist visits.

Early Tongue Cancer Symptom

The first location where cancer is noticed early is on the base of the oral tongue. The tongue's back is one-third or the front two-thirds of a tongue, also known as the base. That part of the mouth that sticks out and sits inside the mouth is what is referred to as an oral tongue. This part also extends until the start of the throat. Early symptoms are easily visible in cases of oral tongue cancer. If you notice discoloration, an ulcer, or a lump, then it might be an early sign of cancer. The color of this discoloration appears pink, yellow, or white in color. The discoloration is also accompanied by endless pain.

Symptoms At Late Stage

As cancer continues to grow, the symptoms, which are usually at the base, become more visible. Mentioned below are some of the late-stage signs. Throat pain accompanied by a lump in the neck are later signs of cancer that lead to swallowing problems. The jaw starts to swell and later becomes numb, which could lead to difficulty in moving the tongue. The last symptom that can be noticed by other people is weight loss.

When you need to see healthcare expertise

Although discoloration of the tongue is common, it should not be permanent. If an ulcer that cannot stop bleeding is what you experience, then it is high time you made that huge step and approached a doctor.
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