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What are common oral and maxillofacial surgeries

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Widner Elite Oral Surgery and Dental Implants
What are common oral and maxillofacial surgeriesOral and maxillofacial surgery is a dentistry speciality that focuses on the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases, injuries, and deformities of the mouth, jaw, and related issues in humans. For various reasons, your dentist may send you to an OMS, most of which arise beyond their level of speciality. Most common OMS procedures include dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, corrective jaw surgeries, bone grafting and facial trauma surgeries.

Most standard OMS procedures

Wisdom tooth extraction is the most common dental procedure. Because the ordinary mouth does not have enough space to sustain the two extra teeth in the rear, most people will require their wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon. They may also be misaligned and overcrowded, making it hard for normal mouth functions, hence needing extraction. A dentist can tell if and when you should have your wisdom teeth removed based on your x-rays.

The human body does not naturally produce replacement teeth. Oral surgeons have discovered a means to replace missing teeth with lifelike artificial reproductions, even though humans are born with all of our natural teeth. The dental implant will fit securely into the vacant space and act as a natural tooth when finished.

If a patient ignores a lost tooth for an extended period, the jawbone beneath the gap will weaken or be reabsorbed. When this happens, the bone is not strong enough to support a dental implant. Oral surgeons, thankfully, can correct the condition of a weak jawbone. Bone grafting strengthens the select area and prepares it for an implant by using the patient's bone from one section to reinforce another.

The jaw is to blame for a lot of oral issues. Even if you don't realize it, a misaligned jawbone can make actions like eating, speaking, and breathing more complex than they need to be. These jaw misappropriations can be treated surgically through corrective jaw procedures. Face trauma is quite severe. Lacerations and broken bones are common. As a result, survivors may experience significant physical and psychological issues. Fractured and broken facial bones can be restored through surgery that helps repair and restore function.
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